Candy Crush: How to Get Gold Bars

We often find ourselves resorting to mobile games to combat our lockdown blues. One such popular game, that has emerged as a favorite is Candy Crush and its variants.

Candy Crush is one of those mobile games that is aimed at catering to the interests of a diverse age group. From children to to older generations, Candy Crush has fans everywhere. 

Earning gold bars that are the primary in-game currency play an important role in improving the player’s progress in the game. You can apply the following tricks to gain more gold bars and enhance your game. Continue reading to learn more.

Candy Crush: How to Get Gold Bars


Purchasing tickets allows you to unlock the next levels without having to wait for help or depending on your friends. These tickets can be bought for 3 Gold Bars per friend, or 9 Gold Bars for 9 friends.

Pro Tip: You can buy an extra set of lives for 12 Gold Bars per set. However, it is recommended that you do not invest in those and rather win other challenges throughout the game to gain access to extra lives.


It might interest you that Gold Bars can be used to significantly improve your progress through in-app boosters that can be purchased for a certain price. Some impactful boosters along with their prices are listed as follows.

Free Switch

You may want to switch the positions of two candies so that you can align the matching candies together. 3 switches can be purchased for 29 Gold Bars while 79 and 128 Gold Bars can be used to buy 9 and 18 Gold Bars respectively.

Extra Time

This booster provides you a head start of 15 seconds in each of your games. Consequently, you get more time to strategize and complete the mission. This booster is available in the same price range as Free Switches. 

How to Earn Gold Bars?

Gold Bars are not easily available for free throughout the course of the game. However, you can adopt any of the mentioned methods to earn them without having to bear any real-time costs.


Participating in ongoing events throughout the course of the game provides an excellent opportunity to earn Gold Bars. There are two prominent events wherein your participation can significantly boost your chances of earning Gold Bars for free.

Dynamic Duo

Previously known as the “Buddy Challenge”, this event requires you to pair up with your partners and complete the designated missions. It is a repeatable event, so you can take multiple attempts. At the end, you are rewarded with boosters or Gold Bars on the completion of these missions.

Episode Race

It might excite you to know that “Episode Race” helps you earn free Gold Bars if you are quick at completing levels in Candy Crush. This challenge records the completion timings of the players, and the player with the best timing is declared the winner. 

Thereafter, the winner is awarded 5 Gold Bars, while the second and third-placed players received 3 and 1 Gold Bars respectively.

Sugar Drops

Candy Crush: How to Get Gold Bars

Collecting Sugar Drops helps the player to earn rewards, such as Gold Bars, Free Switches, and Extra Time. You can collect these as you progress through the different levels as well as in denoted Sugar Track levels. 

These rewards can be earned at five instances, that is after collecting 24, 60, 84, 120, and 180 candies collectively.

The Bottom Line

Gold Bars empower you to make in-game purchases that give you a tactical advantage over other players. Since they are rarely available for free, we recommend you use them cautiously throughout the course of the game. 

You can download the Candy Crush app from the Google Play store or the Apple App store to start playing.