How to Play the Outer Worlds Video Game

There is no reason under the sky why you should be dead bored and idle during quarantine. Has no one told you about the Outer Worlds video game? If you are the type that loves action-role-playing games, then you are in business.

It is a single-player sci-fi game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division. You can access it on Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation 4, and it’s latest release was on the Nintendo Switch in June 2020.

In the Outer Worlds, your choices determine how the story develops, and characters build. Has the Outer Worlds video game caught your attention but you don’t know how to play it? Read on to learn more about this game.

How to Play the Outer Worlds Video Game
Image Source: PCGamer

What the Game Is About

The Outer Worlds is about corrupt corporations that exploit people. As it starts, you are one of the great people in the known universe. Phineas Welles, an eccentric scientist has brought you to save Halcyon from a horrible fate. 

A corrupt corporation has mismanaged it’s solar system beyond repair. Phineas explains that there is only one solution to solving this problem.

Customize Your Character

One of the first things you have to do is create your own character. After a brief cutscene, the next thing you need to do is customize your character and you must spend as much time as possible since it determines how the game will develop. 

However, you need to remember that since the game is in first person, you’ll rarely see your face’s appearance and character that much. If you have got a giant helmet on your head, it becomes even harder to see your character.

The Game Adapts

Don’t worry about the choice you make because after all, your choices aren’t as binary as they look. Much as your decisions have consequences like making enemies along the way; the game is meant to let you make decisions

Don’t spend much time agonizing on decisions, rather just do what feels right and the game will adapt. This game allows you make decisions and then does course-correcting so you deal with the consequences.

Every Objective Has Multiple Options

The Outer Worlds is developed around the character creation and decisions you make in-game. Don’t worry about your high-stealth character getting bad at combat because it trains at picking locks on crates that contain good weapons. 

You’ll have a number of ways to complete one objective – right from eliminating bad guys, finding lost items, to breaking into a secure facility. You will realize that these options link to various skills which you may or may not have.

There will be solutions around regardless of whether you emphasize stealth, strength, or intelligence. You don’t need to use all those options and you won’t be allowed to, but it doesn’t matter. Just use your strengths to get a solution.

Emphasize Lock-Pin and Hacking Skills Early

How to Play the Outer Worlds Video Game
Image Source: Polygon

One of the best ways to play like a pro is learning to use the lock-pin and hacking skills early in the game. It’s important that you learn that lock-pin opens bins and lockers that contain valuable goodies. 

When you get your hacking skill to 20 points, use them to get better gear faster. Getting your hack to 20 points helps you pick simple locks for free and you can also sell items at a chosen vending machine.

You can keep your weight and inventory manageable without having to trek to a store. Also, these two skills will open doors for you early in the game and also give you options, like shutting down auto-mechanical guards and avoid combat.


Just like any game, it is challenging and intimidating at first, but it gets better with time. With the Outer Worlds, you have to customize your character and make decisions that will determine the outcome of the game.