Firewatch: All of the Ways to Play

Firewatch is a game that rolled out in early 2016 for various platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and, two years later, in 2018, the title launched on Nintendo Switch. Firewatch is an adventure game, focusing on one main character.

The title was not as popular as other games launched in 2016, but it received relatively good feedback from critics and specialized sites. For instance, it got 9.3 out of 10 from IGN, while GameSpot only noted it with 7 out of 10.

In 2016, Firewatch won several awards, one of the most important being the Best Writing at PC Gamer’s Best of 2016. Also, it was nominated for the Best Desktop/Console Game at Unity Award 2016.

Firewatch: All of the Ways to Play

More Details About the Game

Firewatch follows Henry’s story, a recently-hired firewatcher in the Shoshone National Forest. The storyline takes place in 1989, one year after the Yellowstone fires. After one month on the job, things get weird for Henry and his partner, Delilah.

The happenings seem to lead to a mystery that took place years ago, revolving around a local conspiracy. Henry and Delilah communicate via walkie-talkies, and things get even stranger when Henry discovers a mysterious clipboard with the transcriptions of his conversations with his partner. He gets knocked down by an unseen attacker.

Many other adventures take place as the story rolls out. Also, the mystery deepens as the player progresses in the game, trying to solve the puzzles. We will not get too much into this because if you have never played Firewatch and want to, we don’t want to spoil it for you.

In short, Firewatch has an excellent story, interesting gameplay, and it’s not as long as other similar titles. Accordingly, you can finish the whole game in only one day if you want.

How to Download Firewatch

The game is not free to download. The official site of Firewatch offers you links to all the platforms where the game is available for download at the moment. To keep it easier for you, we also came up with a brief list below.

Microsoft Windows

Firewatch is available on Steam for $19.99, available here, or $24.68 in a bundle with the OST.

PlayStation 4

As we’ve mentioned, the game is also available on PS4. The game comes in the following variants on PS4 Store.

  • Firewatch – $19.99, available here
  • Firewatch Bundle – $21.99, available here

Xbox One

On Xbox One, Firewatch is available via Xbox Live and Microsoft Store for $19.99. Download the game from here.

How to Play Firewatch

The game is an adventure one. Players used to first-person shooters will love the perspective in Firewatch but will find that some classic FPS elements are missing. For example, Henry, the main character, cannot jump.

The devs argued their decision to ditch a specific key for jumping since they did not want players to ruin the experience by bunny hopping on the map. Instead, the players can climb on rocks or perform jumps over gaps. These areas in the game are pre-defined only to force players not to jump around pointlessly.

Since the world in Firewatch is vast, players have to explore it thoroughly so that they won’t miss any critical piece of the puzzle. Every detail in the game is essential, and it is a part of the story, so do not hurry up to move on to the next scene without carefully searching the area around.

For a hardcore gamer, Firewatch shouldn’t be a significant challenge. However, for shoot-up players who are used with rapid action, the game might look boring at first. But it will compensate thanks to the excellent storyline.

You can either use a keyboard and mouse or a game controller to play Firewatch. While console players are already used to playing with a controller, PC gamers tend to use a keyboard and mouse to play games. However, the controller is the best choice to play this game.

Firewatch: All of the Ways to Play


Firewatch is an excellent game available on every platform out there, including Windows and Nintendo Switch. The storyline of the title is unique, and players will love to immerse themselves in the mysterious world of the game to solve the puzzle. The game costs $19.99 at the moment.