10 Years Later and Everyone Still Loves Halo Reach

Halo Reach is a game that was launched in September 2010 and was very successful, even reaching the performance of having 160,000 simultaneous players. It was originally released for the Xbox 360 but later became available for Xbox One and PCs.

Halo Reach is owned by Microsoft and has long been at the top of sales on Steam. The game takes place in the year 2552, where people are kept at war by the alien Covenant.

Halo Reach is the first title in the Halo package The Master Chief Collection prepared by Microsoft for PC. Let’s see together why has been so loved for so many years!

10 Years Later and Everyone Still Loves Halo Reach

About Halo Reach

Halo Reach tells the story of a noble team, a detachment of Spartan soldiers who form the last line of defense on the planet Reach in the war between the terrifying Covenant and Earth. The gloomy story is staged through terrifying graphics, complemented by a massive and threatening environment. The characters, the enemies, and the environment are impressive at the level of incredible details by means of a new graphic engine, created especially to present armed enclaves of epic proportions.

Once you’re done with the single-player campaign, the fun is just beginning, thanks to the unparalleled multiplayer experience that made Xbox Live famous. Halo Reach multiplayer is the largest program of its kind ever created for consoles. It brings the huge battles online and awaits millions of participants to decide the fate of the Earth in the distant future.

What Devices can be Played on?

The Halo Reach game was originally released for the Xbox 360 but later became available for the PC. The game can be found on both Steam and the Microsoft Game Store, or if you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you have already received it for free. The game can be played by anyone over the age of 17.

How to Download

Halo Reach is not a free game, but you can buy it for a very reasonable price. You can find it on Steam for $9.99. Access this link if you want to purchase this game.

You have the option to buy it with real money, as a gift or redeeming a voucher. All you have to do is log in to your Microsoft account (or create one if you don’t already have one) and select the payment method. Then, the game will be downloaded, and you will be able to play it on your Steam account or on your Xbox.

Why Everyone Loves it

There is finally a Halo game that can be played on a PC. This means small improvements to the game, including adjusting the field of view (for example, it will help if you want to see the weapons up close) or improved settings for mouse and keyboard.

Halo Reach is able to do everything you expect of a Halo game. It has epic battles, many levels, and can capture surprising moments of advanced world science. It has so many weapons available that you don’t even know which one to choose.

The Halo series has always had a rich flora, but it has been worse in terms of fauna. In Reach, you can meet Space Ostriches, big and scared, who will immediately make you fall in love with them. They usually try to avoid war and gunfire, but they do not always succeed and sometimes fall victim to the war.

The end of Reach can be scary and captivating at the same time. Alone, surrounded, and with no way out, you have only one goal left: to survive. You do not always succeed, even if you fight hard. The enemies will hunt you mercilessly, your helmet cracks slowly as you fight for every breath, and you can do anything to stay alive, the living proof of real heroism.

There is much to be said about the reasons why people love this game. Now, Halo Reach is a certainty and can already be considered a game for classic lovers. Click here if you want to see the presentation of the game from 10 years ago.

10 Years Later and Everyone Still Loves Halo Reach


When you hear that so many people love it even after 10 years, this game is definitely worth a try, especially since it is so affordable and can be played on both PC and Xbox. So, if you are passionate about multiplayer games, then this is a perfect choice!