Check Out the First Ever Tomb Raider Game

One thing that you have can appreciate about living in the 21st century is the number of video games that are available. Today, you have access to various games across different genres. It’s all up to you to choose which one appeals much to you.

When you’re looking at dramatic, blockbuster games then you definitely must love Tomb Raider. Since the first release of the game, it has remained in the hearts and minds of most players. So, do you know when the first ever Tomb Raider game was released?

To find out more about this first-ever release of the Tomb Raider game, you need to read below. You can also find out about the success the game enjoyed during its prime here.

Check Out the First Ever Tomb Raider Game
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About the Game

The game is based on the storyline of an archaeologist that is search for ancient treasures. You have to fight your way through a number of challenges that will present themselves because the treasures won’t come easily.

When you are playing the game, you’re in control of Lara Croft – the archaeologist. What you’ll be looking for are three mysterious Scion artifacts, which are scattered all across the globe. The developer of the game has presented it in a third-person perspective.

The plot, at first, starts when Larson, a private entity who works for a wealthy businesswoman contracts Lara Croft to find Scion. The wealthy businesswoman is Jacqueline Natla. Scion is buried in a tomb – the tomb of Qualopec which is found deep within the mountains of Peru.

The Climax of the Game

When Lara manages to retrieve Scion, there’s a confrontation between Larson and Lara. Lara is accused of hiding a piece of the artifact. After, Natla, the wealthy businesswoman sends Pierre Dupont to retrieve the missing piece. 

Lara, the archeologist then breaks into Natla’s office after finding out she has hired Pierre. She’s looking to find out where he is and that’s where she discovers a medieval monk’s prayer book. From there on is where the discovery is made that Scion is actually divided between three rulers.

The second piece is in Atlantis in the tomb of the ancient ruler, Tihocan. This is where she finds and kills Pierre and then she recovers the second piece. The third piece is then found in Greece. 

There’s a premonition to Lara that the final piece isn’t actually in Greece but in Egypt. She then goes ahead to Egypt and finds Scion hidden in the lost city of Khamoon. This where she kills Larson and retrieves the third piece.


When the game was released, there weren’t as many platforms as there are today. The game was initially, available only for PlayStation, MS-DOS, and Sega Saturn. You then have to go back to 2003, that is when the game was released on N-Gage devices.


Check Out the First Ever Tomb Raider Game
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The game enjoyed worldwide praise and recognition during its prime years with it being termed as one of the greatest games ever. And, you can look at that through the sales it made. 

It topped up over 7 million copies sold worldwide and the fact that it was the template of 3D action-adventure games that we are seeing today.


Tomb Raider is one of the best action-filled games that you can find today. But, that started years back, and it was an instant hit even in those early years of the game. 

Here’s when then the game was released and what its success rate looks like when it was it in its prime. You also get a feel of what the storyline of the game looks like.