Yahtzee Strategy Tips and Tricks to Win

With there being a number of games that you can play today, dice games have you rely on chance. Dice games are all about playing on chance in most cases. But, what if there are strategies that you can use to ensure that you almost win.

When you play Yahtzee, you have a chance to play on a number of strategies and tricks that can ensure you win. Here, you have to pile up the scores and ensure you have the most so that you can win. To learn the strategies, you need to know which boxes you have to fill out on time.

So, which are the best strategies that you can implement to help you make that win? You can get more info on the game, and how you can use different types of tricks to help you win in Yahtzee below. Read on to learn more.

Yahtzee Strategy Tips and Tricks to Win
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The first step tip you want to utilize when you’re paying Yahtzee is to balance the scoring. This is so that you can maximize the score you put up in the end. If you have a lot of low scores, your maximum points won’t be that great.

Between the upper and the lower sections, ensure that you have total balance in a way that they don’t overlap with each other. You shouldn’t go to the upper section alone if you want to score big.

Aim For the Bonus

Another trick you want to pull out is to target the 35 bonus points. This happens when you earn at least 63 points on the upper section of the board. This, however, should happen near the beginning of the game to have good results.

The trick that you can use to fill in the upper section is to concentrate on the fives and sixes.

Score A Yahtzee

Now, you also need to keep your dice in check when you roll as after every 22 rolls ensure that you score a Yahtzee. This should be an average idea for every time you are about to hit that 22nd roll. 

When you make the second Yahtzee, you get a chance to win 100 points. Now, every chance you have to make that shot a Yahtzee.

Avoid Using Chance

If you have a low score, please ensure that you avoid, at all costs, using a chance to get those scores up. When talking about low scores, you should be looking at scores that are low, such as 25 points. 

But, there’s an exception to that rule, however, and this is when you stand to lose your bonus if you don’t make that shot. This is the only exception that you can use for a chance when you’re playing.

Don’t Focus on Full Houses

Yahtzee Strategy Tips and Tricks to Win

The only way, you are likely to get a full house is when you don’t put too much focus on it. However, when you intentionally try to get them, you’re unlikely to even score any of them. So, stop trying hard and it may just happen than when you put too much attention on that alone.


When playing a game like Yahtzee, you don’t have to play with much focus on luck to get you by. You need some tips and trick up your sleeve to ensure that you level up on that board and put up the scores. 

There are a few tips and tricks that you should look to utilize whenever you’re playing Yahtzee in order to get that win you so desperately need.