These Are the Best Card Games to Play With 2 People

Card games have long been a great addition to casual group affairs. They offer a fun and competitive spice to the group, making the get together more exciting and challenging. Plus, there is a wide variety of games you can play with just one set of cards.

While these games are fun when played with a group of more people, you can definitely play them with just two people. You just need to find the right game to suit you and the other player’s preferences.

If you are looking for the best card games to play with 2 people, your best bet is to choose one of the following games. Read on to learn about these games.

These Are the Best Card Games to Play With 2 People

Double Solitaire

If a whole deck of playing cards can give you hours and hours of fun, what’s more if you have two stacks? You can play Double Solitaire, of course! What you need are two sets of cards for each player without the Jokers.

Those who have played the classic Solitaire game that comes built-in on Windows computers are sure to be familiar. The only difference is that you will now have to compete with the other person. The first one to complete the foundation piles wins.

How to Play

To play, you just need to set up the game area by arranging your tableau facing each other. The tableau is the table set up you usually see on the computer version of the game. You can recreate this by setting down a series of cards, some facing up and most facing down.

You will know that your tableau is done when you have 7 columns, with the first having one, the second with 2 cards, the third with three, and so on. All bottommost cards should be facing up while the rest should be facing down. Designate a space for foundation piles.

Once your game area is complete, you just need to decide which player to go first, take turns to play, and race to complete your own foundation pile.

Crazy Eights

Double Solitaire can take time to finish, which makes it a great game to pass the time. If you are looking for a more fast-paced game, then Crazy Eights is for you. The main goal of this game is to shed all your cards by matching the suit or number of the last one thrown.

Pretty easy, right? Well, the thing about this game is that you are dealt 5 cards in the beginning, but you are sure to accumulate more as each player takes their turn. This is because if you do not have any matching ones, then you need to draw from the stock.

Exploding Kittens

These Are the Best Card Games to Play With 2 People

If you are looking for games that do not involve the standard 52-card deck, you might want to check out Exploding Kittens. You just need to have the unique set of cards that feature weirdly cute images of cats, other animals, and people.

The goal is to be the only player left after your opponents explode. Players explode or are eliminated when they draw an exploding kitten from the stock. However, you can defuse it or pass the turn to another player to avoid exploding.

You can even draw cat cards that can give you special powers that you can use to avoid being eliminated.


You can definitely have fun playing card games with two players. With the best card games to play with 2 people, there is no need to gather a large group just to play. So, make sure you consider the games we mention above in the future.