How to Get Rare Items in League of Legends

Online games have become an important part of our lives. Many of us like to rest on the couch and enjoy a colorful world of strategies, adventures, online fighting and role-playing games. One such exciting, action-packed game is League of Legends.

For those who are unaware of League of Legends, it is a team-based strategy game where two teams of five powerful champions face off to destroy each other’s base. You can choose from over 140 champions to make an epic play, secure kills, and take down enemies’ bases. 

League of Legends has become quite popular and what adds to its fame are the exciting skins of champions, weapons, and other equipment. In this article, we will provide you with some insights about some rare items of the game and how to achieve them. Read on to learn more.

How to Get Rare Items in League of Legends
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About Rare Items

Over the past decade, thousands of skins and items have been introduced in the game; while some have made their way out of the game, others are still mainstream in the game. 

So, what really are the items in League of Legends? Well, basically items are the artifacts or objects from the Runeterran history that are featured in the game as enhancements to champions. 

A champion can only carry six items at one time, which makes the selection of the items a very crucial and important part of the game. 

Types of Items

There are currently 175+ items for purchase on League of Legends. As per the game’s shop tab, the items are categorized into six different categories: starter items, tools, defense items, magic items, movement items, and attacking items. 

Starter Items include those items that are obtainable with gold and are suitable for the landing phases. The game also features attack items that bestow your champion with attack speed and critical striking chances.

You can also leverage the power of defense items, like armor, health savers, or magic resistances.

Special Tools and Items

After getting your attack and defense items sorted, it is time to endow your champion with consumable items and trinkets that help you to regenerate your health and “mana” for a couple of seconds. 

The game also grants you with magic items that allow you the luxury of the “ability” and “cool-down reduction” powers that help your champion operate with enhanced movement speeds. 

Note: Items in the game should be viewed as quality over quantity. Therefore, it is better you finish one full item rather than buying the pieces to four items at once. 

How to Get Rare Items

Items can be collected from the item shop located at the fountain and through the Ornn’s Living Forge on the map. Once your champion is on the shop, there are two simple ways to buy the items!

Firstly, you can simply single left-click the items you want to purchase and then click the “Buy” button. Or you can double left click on the item that you wish to buy and navigate to buying it. 

Currencies in the Game

How to Get Rare Items in League of Legends
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There are two types of currencies that you can use to buy champions, runes, and the skins: Influence Points (IP) and Riot Points (RP). 

While the former is earned by playing the game on a regular basis and can be used to buy champions or the runes, the latter is uses real money to purchase rarer champions, skins, or boosts. 

The Bottom Line

Items serve the single most important purpose in League of Legends– to help your team win the game. And since items can make or break your champion, it is better you spend your money and pints very wisely. 

Knowing exactly what each item is and how it can help – is a huge deal and makes a great impact on your gameplay.