Saint Seiya: Awakening – How to Get Gems and Diamonds

Every anime lover has probably played (or at least heard about) Saint Seiya: Awakening. Based on the manga series of the same name, Saint Seiya is arguably one of the best anime games on the market.

Saint Seiya brings together the perfect blend of action, strategy, and immersive gameplay for anime and mobile gaming enthusiasts. Saint Seiya has several gameplay modes for playing, based on your preferences. 

This includes a story mode, team mode, and the challenging “versus” mode for a completely comprehensive experience. In this article, we talk to you about the summoning gems and diamonds and how to collect them, sometimes for absolutely free. Read on to learn more.

Saint Seiya: Awakening - How to Get Gems and Diamonds
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Summoning Gems

When you play the game, there is a feature to summon powerful knights to aid you in your battles. Calling for knights requires resources called “summoning gems”. These gems not only help you summon characters, but also improve the stats of existing ones.

Gems come in three different types: Common Summoning Gems, Advanced Summoning Gems, and RA or AR (Augmented Reality) Summoning Gems. They are relatively rarer than diamonds, which are fairly common. 

Get Summoning Gems

If you have the option to buy gems, that is the easiest way to go. Look out for daily or weekly offers to get the most bang for your buck. If you’re looking for gems for free, mentioned below are a few tips that you can use to obtain them. 

Did you know that gold and diamonds are your best friends if you’re looking for common and advanced summoning gems? Since those resources are easier to come across, you cannot only collect those but also leverage for purchasing more gems. 

A common gem will set you back by 30000 gold, while an advanced gem will cost you 100 diamonds. Consider completing story quests or play for several high ranking achievements of tougher difficulty levels that offer gems as prizes. 


Diamonds are another tool you can use to play Saint Seiya better. These are relatively easier to find than gems and are mainly used to upgrade abilities as well as purchase equipment. 

While you cannot only purchase “Stamina” and “Gold” points using diamonds, you can also reclaim any missed rewards with its help. 

Get Diamonds

Saint Seiya: Awakening - How to Get Gems and Diamonds
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If money’s not an object and you’re willing to pay up within the app to get diamonds, you can easily find them in the “Mall”. There is a 200% bonus on your first purchase, so make sure to take complete advantage of that. 

But if you’re looking for free diamonds, you are going to have to play the game to win those. One of the easiest hacks to get those is to complete more story missions. And voila, you will be awarded a diamond for every new story mission that you complete. 

On the contrary, If you’re into Player vs Player (PvP) matches, winning consistently more difficult games will win you more diamonds. Loot boxes are another way to gain diamonds. Every time you level up, you get to open a loot box.

Pro tip: Always use bonuses whenever possible. Bonuses are offered on several items in the mall if bought in bulk. Do not be in a hurry to spend your resources.

The Bottom Line

Saint Seiya: Awakening is a game that is best played when you have enough resources in order to be capable of unleashing the true potential of your characters. 

As a strategy game, there is a lot of thinking and planning that goes into it, and having a cache and steady supply of gems and diamonds at your disposal will give you a much enjoyable experience.