Desperados III – How to Get Coins and Unlock Items

Very few games can resemble the teeth-crunching thrill and engaging storyline of Desperados III. Since you are already well-versed in the game, this article will discuss something more sophisticated than a basic introduction of the game. 

When John Cooper and his team of castaways need to pass some obstacles, they need coins. And these are not the fake coins that are pervasive with Mr. Cooper, but these are the authentic in-game coins that will help you move ahead in the game. 

This is themed on the original and traditional Western-style revenge gala. To collect coins, you need to crawl through containers, keep an eye out for scattered coins, and get it from your enemies. Here’s a detailed plan layout to gather items and coins in Desperados III. Read on to learn more.

Desperados III - How to Get Coins and Unlock Items
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Keep a Close Watch

Since the entire gameplay is exhibited in the Wild West, there is a lot of plain lands laden with bushes and topographical structures all around. There are four areas where you can find coins to stream ahead in the game and unlock missions and benefits. 

Starting with the virtual world in which you play the protagonist from the beginning, John Cooper. Coins are scattered around anywhere you go, all you need to do is keep a vigil, and you will be able to find enough of them lying around.

To get the most out of the gameplay, you need to learn how to play with each character and learn to understand how they interact with their surroundings and develop new skills. This will also help you collect coins and items from places that are not tamable without showing and using your skills. 

Look Through the Maze

The next way to find coins is inside boxes, containers, and other such things that are present all over the world. So, whenever you see something that can be entered into or climbed up to, go for it. 

More often than not, you will find items stowed away behind other objects. Interact with every object that you find to know what secrets it holds. However, always be at your best guard as you are in the Wild West, and practically everybody wants to cut off your progress here. 

Coins and items help you move ahead in your quest and help obtain new items and buy some things that you need in the game. Collect as many coins as you can throughout the game to get the best results.

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Game

Desperados III - How to Get Coins and Unlock Items
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The truth is that there’s no one right method to play Desperados III. With the skillset and special abilities of 5 different players, you need to imbibe their major characteristics and leverage those to move ahead. 

Desperados III is a real-time tactics (RTT) game, meaning that you need to formulate strategies and way forward on a case by case basis while playing it. So, it is imperative to understand your environment and surroundings while interacting with the game. 

Once you have got a hold over the territory and understand how everything interacts with each other, you can easily formulate a winning strategy. 

The Bottom Line

Desperados III is a game that requires a lot of strategy. You can play Desperados III with any of the 5 characters, John Cooper, Doc McCoy, Hector Mendoza, Kate O’Hara, or Isabelle Moreau. 

However, one thing is clear that in the brutal world of this game, coins, items, and skills are the three pillars of your survival. So, always keep an eye on your six and continue to move forward.